Monday, December 28, 2009

Imperial's finally begin to mobilize

Finally the Imperial Warmachine is starting to mobilize! After much hand ringing and debate the War Council has begun to make decisions and move Imperials forces to Samiel (where a brand spanking new Space Station (with covered exhaust vents) has been built), Harsaded and Adama. These movements were done to bolster the defences of those planets and choke off the warp lanes cutting the Xeno offensive in half (ok, maybe it's more like 1/8 but you get the idea). With Game Day (Greedo and I have an annual day) happening shortly I can see the Wolves fighting traitor guard and Steelers within a Hulk happening soon. I thought that Ann00bis and Gub were going to conduct a planet strike but nothing like that has been announced yet, so I'm still hoping that I can swoop in and get a couple of boarding actions against Gub's Ork Horde.

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