Thursday, December 31, 2009

Game Day 2009 at Greedo's

So Game Day 2009 (not to be confused with Games Day, done by GW) has come and gone and it was a blast! Greedo and I were able to play 2 games of 40k, a game of Axis and Allies: Europe (with Fathers) and a game of Space Hulk (with Fathers). We linked the 40k games and the Space Hulk game into a mini-campaign and it went something like this:

First game of a mini-campaign. A rogue planetary governor has decieded that he will no longer follow the Throne on Holy Terra and declares himself to be the new Emperor. Space Wolf Strike force intercepts distress call from remaining few loyalists and move to crush the rebellion. The Wolves conduct an initial capture and control against the Traitorous scum and table them losing a single marine at 1500 pts.

Second game of a mini-campaign. Pressing the advantage from the furry of their initial success the Wolves drive straight for the governor, to cut the head off the snake (literally!). This time they encounter much stiffer resistance in the form of the governor's elite mechanized force backed with anti-aircraft guns and heavy tanks. The governor is slain by a berserking Ragnar Blackmane while the rest of the force takes terrible losses. (Greedo thought this should have been a minor win for me or a tie, I though it was a win for him, but since I'm playing in a campaign and can use the pts we agreed that I "won"). Upon killing the governor it is determined that he was only a pawn of a gene-steeler cult that had infected the upper echlon's of the planets society. The Steelers have fled aboard the Space Hulk "Frightful Anguish."

Final game of the mini-campaign. The Wolves bravely entered "Frightful Anguish" and made slow progress initially. The Steelers tested the defenses, propping for holes until they finally were able to sneak into the Marines midst. Several Wolf Guard went down swinging and in the end it was the Wolves that were able to accomplish their mission and destroy the slumbering Primarch and Magus of the Steeler cult.

In the annual Axis and Allies game with the Fathers we were playing the Europe version. It takes place in 1942 I believe and the US is just entering the war and Germany is at the height of it's power. I played ze' Germans, Greedo the USSR, my Dad the UK and Greedo's the US.

The game started with the normal push of Germans into the USSR which met with limited success and the German Navy thumping the crap out of the Royal Navy (some very lucky rolling). The Russians counter attack and are successfully defended but not across the whole front. The UK attempts to give the Royal Navy a chance by getting 3 cruisers. The US sends some air power to the UK and begins increasing the strength of their Navy to deal with the German Uboats.

Next round the German Navy takes out a great deal of the UK convoy lines across the Atlantic while attacking the newly minted UK cruisers. On the western front Germany begins a delaying action against the Russians while transport ships are built and deployed. The Russians continue their advance reclaiming all of the territory they had lost and setting themselves up for a significant push into German next turn. The UK hurting from their loss of income are only able to afford a bomber. The US opens several of the convoy lanes and allows some much needed income to flow into the UK coffers.

In an all or nothing move the Germans launch an amphibious landing against the UK. The offensive consists of 3 Panzer Divisions and 2 Infantry Divisions supported by 3 fighter wings, 2 bomber wings a cruisers and battleship. The UK falls with only a single bomber wing and Panzer Division left. The remaining Uboats in-circle the island to stop friendly re-enforcements and win Germany the game.

The Games was awesome fun and I had a couple lucky dice rolls and the Allies had a couple of unlucky ones. This game would have gone the other way with just 1 or 2 more kills for the Allied side as if the Amphibious landing had failed the USSR was set to roll all over German in the coming turns.

I had an awesome time and can't wait for Game Day 2010!

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