Monday, February 15, 2010

Cut off, Conditions worsen, Attack!

The Storm has gotten so bad that all but a few of the warp lanes are open. All the planets no longer provide any rest points. Talk about a perfect time to attack! The Imperials continued to push the pace and were rewarded with another successful planet strike against the Xeno strong-hold of LOS DEIMOS. I was an epic battle involving (I believe) over 500 pts but in the end the Imperials were left holding what has become the hub of the LOCARA sector. There have been a couple of other developments, the Pawn rule which allowed either the head of the Xeno's faction (Dracon) or head of the Imperial faction (Inquisitor) to submit moves for players on their team (provided that they allowed it) has been removed. Also, the points earned for both playing games and resting on planets have changed. Now instead of earn 3 pts with a win you will earn 5, then 3 for a draw and still only 1 for a loss. The resting bonus is now 5 pts when on a planet and seeing as there is now a even number of planets I'm happy to see the introduction of the new rule. The version of the rules that we are shifting to is 1.2 and it will also allow you to create a Nemesis (once you have 25 pts) on the opposing faction and when you play against them it earns you way more pts. In addition, you can now play a second army for earning pts but it has no other impact on the campaign. With the changes in the rules there was some confusion about when you had to attack so there are a couple of Xeno armies that are on planets that didn't attack but will be next week. For anyone that is interested there is still time to get in on the Return to LOCARA campaign. Here is the forum where everything is being run through and these are the rules.

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Matt Varnish said...

It would help if the X/H side had any semblance of leadership whatsoever.. unfortunately, we are living up the name of Chaos.