Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Pardon me sir, have you seen my pachyderm?

Have finally got my butt in gear to continue painting my ancients force. This comes for an urge to play Field of Glory. Never understood it, but finally its starting to click, and I even have a teaching game lined up. That and my group are doing Turks vs Mongols in various rules sets, so I figured I'd get back into the Braveheart style of game for a while... Anyhoo, here are a pair of elephants and those 9 spear units that I started AGES ago for the Carthaginian army. Might even pick up the Polybian Romans from Warmodelling.com as their FoG packs look awesome. I have a few more Carth Veterans in Roman armor, but they'll have to wait until after the Spanish Auxiliaries are finished. That a pile of skirmishers of various types...

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