Friday, October 15, 2010

Finished Tervigon!

Here is the Tervigon fully painted and ready to go. Surprisingly it didnt take very long to paint, only about 6-8 hours which pleased me.

Well, this is the last creature I am going to paint for this army so it is finally finished. I am going to post a group shot of the entire army as well hopefully sometime next week. I am also working on the brand new Dark Eldar Raider and a box of Warriors (a friend of mine owns a local game store and is letting me paint the preview models :D ). I am going to have the Raider up next week as well as an initial view/thoughts on the codex.


Anonymous said...

He looks awesome - the contrasting green sacks to the purple carapace looks the bomb.

The basing is also really cool - not plain/bland, but not over the top.

I love the massed Tervigon/Termagant look in the final picture.

Great effort

keith said...

Fantastic stuff my friend. Can't wait to see the Dark Eldar! I am saving my pennies for the release day too!

Ghoulio said...

So far I have the following stuff ordered:
- Archon
- 3 boxes of warriors
- 3 Raiders
- 2 boxes of reaver jetbikes
- 1 box of Incubi
- the codex

I also had a chance to borrow the codex for a night or two from my friend Kyle who owns my local game store. Just can't wait to finally get some army lists built :)

keith said...

I agree on the masses of warriors, I am planning something similar. But why no wyches? I haven't seen the codex yet, what are their stats like?

Ghoulio said...

Actually, the Wyches are decent. They are 10pts per model and are virtually the exact same as the 3rd ed codex (so, 2pts cheaper base). The main difference is how Wyche weapons work. For every 5 models in the unit (max of 15) you can choose one of 3 options.

- Hydra Gauntlets. Gives you +d6 attacks instead of just +1 for your extra combat weapon
- Impaler/Shard Net. Every model in base to base gets -1 Attack to a min of 1.
- Flail..sword...things. Makes it so the model who has it re-rolls all misses and wounds in hand to hand.

The unit also gets combat drugs (better then last edition) and gets Power Through Pain. Wyches are a great unit and I will be getting some :)

Nocturus said...

Did you convert this with the Chapter House kit? Looks great!


Ghoulio said...

@ Nocturus: Nope, this is just a combination of the Carnifex, Trygon and Genestealer kits as well as a whole bunch of green stuff. If you scroll down a bit on our blog (its actually the entry prior to this one) you can see how I made it. Thanks for the comments :)

Simplexcity said...

amazing! i love the striped shaded colors

Anonymous said...

Can you explain the purple and beige skin please? I would really like to replicate these effects.