Saturday, January 15, 2011

Canadians vs Germans in break through.avi

A special thank you to Matt Varnish from Druken Gamers of Ottawa who filmed this and has it on his blog (check it out)!

I was lucky enough to head over to Ca$h's this friday to get in some FoW. We were playing Mid-War 1500 points with the Break through mission. Ca$h just got a bunch of new terrain in as you can see from the battlefield it looks awesome. This was the first time I played Break through and the game was much closer than it should have been, Ca$h was well a head and some unlucky dice rolls delayed his win (it could have gone either way about 5 or 6 times and the roll of the dice kept us in and guessing).

My list was as follows using the North Afrika Intelligence book

Infantry Company

Coy Comd and 2IC
3 x Rifle Platoon with Piat
1 x Sherman III Platoon (3 x tanks)
1 x Carrier Patrol (3 x Carriers)
1 x HMG Platoon (4 x HMGs)
1 x Anti-Tank Platoon (4 x 6 Pdrs)
1 x Field Battery (8 x 25 Pdrs)

Ca$h was running a Panzer Coy with (I think this was right, also from the North Afrika book, I believe)

Coy Comd and 2IC in Panzer IVs
1 x Panzer IIIe Platoon (2 x tanks)
1 x Panzer IIIb Platoon (2 x tanks)
1 x Stug Platoon (3 x tanks)
1 x Panzer Gernadiers (4 x half tracks and Infantry Platoon)

MVP for the game was a tie between the Artillery (who were incredibly good all game) and the Infantry Platoon holding the objective that killed the Stug platoon in assault.

Bone 'eads of the game for me was the Shermans who lined up facing the wrong way and were killed in the opening salvo of the game (oooopppsss!)

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