Monday, January 17, 2011

The RCR vs Americans in Hold the Line

This was a 1500 pt Mid-War game between my Canadians and Joyous Oblivion from Druken Gamers of Ottawa Americans. We played Hold the Line with me defending.

My Army
Coy Comd and 2IC
3 x Rifle Platoon with Piat
1 x Sherman III Platoon (3 x tanks)
1 x Carrier Patrol (3 x Carriers)
1 x HMG Platoon (4 x HMGs)
1 x Anti-Tank Platoon (4 x 6 Pdrs)
1 x Field Battery (8 x 25 Pdrs)

The Americans
Sherman III HQ (IC and 2IC)
Sherman III Platoon (4 x tanks)
Stuart Platoon (5 x tanks)
Tank destroy Platoon (2 M60s, 2 Jeeps)
Motorized Rifles (5 x Half tracks, 5 x LMGs, 1 x Anti-tank gun, 5 Mortars)
Recce Platoon (2 x Jeeps and 1 x Half track)

The Canadians managed to survive a couple of assaults because JO failed his motivation check and I was able to Mike target tanks that had fallen back, this allowed tanks that were bailed last turn to be destroyed.

My Shermans finally proved there worth by out ranging and hammering the 2IC and a couple other platoons. JO is still learning (not that I'm much further a head) and is going to be a very dangerous player in short order.

I also didn't like how my Shermans were painted (I liked the paint job but not for this army), so I'm repainting them the ubiquitous olive drab, pictures are coming soon.

Let me know what you guys would prefer, video or pictures for the battle reports.

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Joyous_Oblivion said...

It was a learning experience for sure! Fun game though, even if I was getting hammered by an 8 gun battery all game, lol.

My list was:

2 Sherman M4 as CHQ
4 Sherman M4s
5 Stuart M5A1s
1 section of M10 tank destroyers
1 armored rifle platoon with 2 sections
1 recon platoon

My tank destroyers weren't of much use this game, but I should have been more aggressive with everything in hindsight!

Despite the loss, I learned a lot, which is a victory all to itself :)