Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Steel Rain and Thundering treads

I've been working hard trying to get my entire army painted and here are a couple of pictures of progress so far. I've finished the 8 guns for the Canadian Battery and the newly re-painted Sherman IIIs. The next project will be the Anti-tank platoon and all the infantry bases for the battery (observers, battery and troop commanders and the staff team). For those of you with good eyes I am in the process of priming the remainder of what I need to have a Canadian Armoured Company made out of Sherman IIIs. I'm hoping I can have the next batch painted until for Friday night fights at Ca$h's place.

Canadian 8 Gun Battery

4 Guns facing the long side of the base 4 facing the short edge (is there a right way?)

Gun crews are in their tans but the guns are painted green allowing them to be from anytime and normal for the Canadians in Italy

There was only a single unit that fought in the colours I had initially painted the Shermans so I changed it up so that they could be used for late war as well as earlier war (I'm thinking of doing the Devil's Brigade for late war) so they are now the ubiquitous olive drab

Close up of the Troop commander

I just received the new tank commanders from Battlefront after a box I had purchased didn't come with any. I'm looking forward to painting them and getting them into the fight.


Beccas said...

Very nice work. Well done.

Matt Varnish said...

is it just me or do those tanks look grey and not olive green?

Looking good man.. first Moser posts his painted stuff then you.. shit I need to get cracking!

(Just finished a church though...)

Big_Willie said...

@Beccas, thanks!

@Matt your right they have a grey under tone so they are more my own version of olive drab.

greedo said...

Great stuff dude. Also a spin off blog. I like it. We should also decide what to do about other game systems (ancients, alternative WW2, sci fi etc.)

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