Sunday, January 23, 2011

Incubi Finished!

I finally finished the Incubi. When initially thinking about it this unit was taking me FOREVER, but when looking back I did 9 of them in 2 weeks from start to finish, so really it wasnt all that bad lol. I wanted this squad to be the only squad in the army to have a "unified" look to them. All the other squads have different bits and pieces here and there, so it will help differentiate them. Overall, quite pleased with the final look and I cant wait to get more of the army done.

Next Up: Reaver Jetbikes!


Hephesto said...

Well those two weeks' worth of work definitely show, great choice of colourscheme as well!

keith said...

Fantastic work Ghoulio! Your hope of making them more unified was success in my opinion. said...

Sick Mike. Sick!
Got any tips for painting white?
I've been working on my Dire Avengers and the white helmets are taking a long time to do it right.


Ghoulio said...

Sadly I dont really have any good tips for painting white. Those helmets were by far the most time consuming thing on these guys. Basically I just used Shadow Grey for the basecoat, then Spacewolf Grey for the mid tone, painting 95% of the surface with it, then just a thing layer of skull white over that. Biggest thing in regards to painting white is making sure you really really thin your paints. The second it gets even a bit globby you have ruined the entire thing.