Saturday, January 8, 2011

The RCR falling in for FoW

The group of guys that I normally play with from Drunken Gamers of Ottawa have gotten into Flames of War (FoW) in a big way. They turned me onto a podcast/blog called WWPD (What would Patton Do?) which is an outstanding resource and I would highly recommend taking a look. As always with gamers their excitement is extremely contagious so I suddenly had the motivation to finish painting A Company from The Royal Canadian Regiment (RCR). I've also finished the Heavy Machine Gun platoon and a Sherman III platoon that supports the Company.

Company Commander and Company 2IC

Canadian Rifle Company (Italy)
Heavy Machine Gun Platoon

Company with attached HMGs

Sherman IIIs Platoon

Closer view of Sherman IIIs
Platoon Commander of the Sherman IIIs

I'm hoping to do a Video Battle report of my next game similiar to the 40k I have done in the past. Next up will be the Arty Battery or the Anti-tank Platoon, not sure which!


Ghoulio said...

They look really good dude, especially the tanks. Looking forward to seeing the battle report. Flames of War is definitely one of the games that I would love to get into, just virtually nobody here plays.

Big_Willie said...

Thanks, no only are the game mechanics great for FoW but you can paint a platoon in no time. I think you would really like it.

greedo said...

That's some badass paintjobs! Love the infantry, and I 2nd the tanks. I've been on hold for FOW of late. Still focusing on 40k for now. Can't wait to see the AT guns and Arty.