Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Pack grows!

With Game Summit 2011 only a week and a half away it's time that I finish off my wolves.  Here are the final models that I need to paint and what will likely be the hardest hitting part of my Army.  A Wolf lord with TH/SS and Saga of the Bear, a Wolf Lord with FB/SS and Saga of Warrior born and Canis Wolf Born.  Coupled with 10 Fenrisian wolves to help get them into combat.  I have 10 days and an iPod with a camera so I'm planning on posting pictures as I finish off the army.  From the looks of it there is going to be everything from Nobz biker lists, Heavy Monstrous creatures, Hordes, Super mobile BA and super shootie Imperial Guard.  Should make for an interesting Tournament and the best overall and best general will get tickets to the GT in Las Vegas!  Stay tuned for more updates!

Group shot of the Space Wolf Characters and their mounts

Canis Wolfborn 

 Wolf Lord on Mr. Dandies Battle wolf mounts (awesome kits, review coming, check out the link!)

 Wolf Lord with Frost Blade and Storm Shield


Skarvald the Troll-faced said...

Is that TWO Canis Wolfborn Thunderwolves I see? You are craaaazy! I'd never buy this mutated squirrel of a model. I have six Mr. Dandy wolves, though and they are awesome. Are you running your Thunder Lords by themselves, with the Fenrisian Wolves or do you have some more Thunderwolves hiding?

Big_Willie said...

I bought one of the Canis models and it didn't come with arms or the back pack so GW sent me another one. I also bought the Mr Dandy's wolves and they are great! I have 4 more of the Mr Dandy wolves but I don't think I will run them in the list for the up coming tournament but I will finish them one day.

greedo said...

Looking good dude. Can't wait to see 'em painted.

BTW, saw what you did with the blog, Army Lists, Battle Reports etc. Really nice. Makes things WAY easier to find.

Hopefully after this 40k stuff is done, I'll be doing more FOW or WW2 skirmish stuff up..