Saturday, February 5, 2011

Tyranid Guest Post!

A little while ago I entered in a Dark Eldar painting competition at Spikey I started looking through the different entries and I noticed the name of a friend of mine from when I was working at the HQ store for GW Canada. After looking at his entry I started thinking about his old Tyranid army. The one thing that always stuck out to me when I was working at the GW HQ was just how awesome Ryan Szolopiak's Tyranids looked to the point where they were 100% the inspiration for my Tyranid army (specifically the textured painting style).

So he just finished off his Tervigon and I asked him if I could put up some pics of it on our blog, so here it is :) Its made up of Carnifex and Trygon bits with a crap tonne of Greenstuff. Ryan is also going to be taking some pics of the rest of his army which I will also post here because it too is awesome.


40kaddict said...

That's really pretty, near enough the original Genestealer colours but with a bit of orangey claws. I love it the colours are just yummy. Maybe not waht some folks want out of a Tyranid colour scheme but I like it.

Atreyu@4:44 said...

you canadian ghoulio?

Ghoulio said...

Yup, sure am :). I live in Calgary, Alberta.