Sunday, August 14, 2011

40k Skirmish 2011

This weekend was the FoW and 40k tournaments at Skirmish.  Here is the coverage for the 40k and check out the FoW coverage on Covering Fire!


Lysander lead Marines

Necrons, bet he can't wait for the new codex!

Chaos Marines

Mechanized Guard

Very Green Death Guard

Very Silver Grey Knights

More Grey Knights

I have 4 Battle Reports from the Skirmish that I'm working on.  More to follow soon, I hope....

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Ghoulio said...

Like everywhere A LOT of power armored armies lol (at Ard Boyz on saturday there was 1 xenos out of 10, and 8 power armored armies lol). Awesome that you got out to a tournament though and I look forward to seeing the battle reports :)