Wednesday, August 17, 2011


I have slowly but surely been knocking off items to finish painting for my current 1850pts list. Feels good to get the biggest piece out of the way. Overall the Razorwing was actually a really easy model to paint. No real extra bits like pesky crew and since you will never be able to see the underside of it I just didn't bother painting it lol (well..except the missiles). It probably took me less time to paint this then it does to paint one of my Raiders. I also managed to finish my 3rd Venom but just ran out of time when working on that warrior squad (which I will finish Saturday). Once I finish that I will do a post of my "Venom Squadron" as it looks really cool when set up together. After that all I have left is my last squad of Hydra Gauntlet Wyches and I am done!

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keith said...

Looking great Ghoulio! Nice and clean finish.

Speaking of not painting the bottom of the Razorwing I had a friend who never painted the backs of ANY minis as he said he would be the only one looking at them!