Monday, September 12, 2011

The Oh, Hello's + a start

Howdy friends

I Just wanted to start off with a big hello to all the followers of this fine blog, and wanted to introduce my self. I've been in the hobby almost 12 years now,and have worked as a Red Shirt for just under two years. I've played just about every single GW game, although have cut back and currently only play 40k. While I'm not a huge tournament goer, I have won my self a few best overalls and even more best painted. I've also got myself a Golden Demon (2006 Staff large Model, back when Canada had Games Days) and won Best Overall the same year at the 2006 Canada Staff tournament. My main armies are Tyranids, Space Marines and am just starting/redoing chaos.
Enough about me though, and onto the models(or talk of models)

The main reason I wanted to start contributing was to do a log of my chaos as I build it back up using my old chaos army(from about 9 years ago) and my 13th company army (7 years ago). I'm doing a Nurgle/Purge warband with an interesting twist - horde marine army. I'm not too sure on how it will work out, but it will be fun challenge in any case.

Onto the Models
Test Model and 5 man unit.

My goal is to convert up each individual model, along with actual dynamic poses(so sick of standard legs). My plan is to finish a model at least a week. ONWARD!

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