Friday, September 23, 2011

Waaagh GT 2011

Ok, so tomorrow will be the Waaagh GT.
I couldn't play last year because of work issues, and my army wasn't ready anyway.
This year I finished the army back in February so we're good there, and work has been lighter so I can make it...

Anyway, since I don't attend tourney's like this EVER, I have 4 things to accomplish:
  1. Win most fun player
  2. Win best painted army (or maybe coolest theme since there are some REALLY good armies in there)
  3. Get good idea of IG strategy that isn't just sit in gun line and blast away hoping to kill the inevitable space marine charge in a land raider before they reduce my boys to jelly.
  4. Defeat a player who is about my skill level or better.
  5. Ok 5. Re-aquaint myself with the 40k rules so I know what I'm doing and won't look like a doofus.
I'll take lots of pictures of the aircraft carrier etc. That reminds me, I have to see the deck of that thing this weekend.