Monday, July 7, 2014

Retribution of Scyrah...Take 2!

I keep going back and looking at my first couple of finished Retribution of Scyrah models and for some reason I was just not happy with them. The red isnt great to paint, I am not getting the shade of red I want and the OSL just dont work. In case you forgot the original scheme here it is:

I dont like the red on the base either, plus the cork on the base seems to be massively overdone these days. I also totally couldnt figure out how to do the Jacks as I think bright red jacks would look somewhat silly.

After going back to the drawing board I decided to go darker overall with the scheme. I know this sounds weird but I also wanted a scheme that required no mixing of paints. So I decided on the scheme shown on the Jack below.

I originally was going to just duplicate the scheme from the Dark Eldar (primarily dark green with black and red as the tertiary colour) but after seeing this Jack I really like the two tone green along with the white so I dont think I am going to add the red at all. Regardless, let me know what you think, good? Bad? Tips on how to improve? Open to anything.

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