Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Imperium Strikes Back!

This week we can see that the Imperium is striking back with 3 pers moving into position to commit planet strikes. Joyous Oblivion has moved to Hollin's world where Demons under the command of The Royal Falcon hold the planet in their warped grasp. Sallieman has moved to Los Deimos to wrest control from the traitor marines who currently hold it and Steel Paladin moved to Adama. We sorted ourselves out a little by elected a Lord Marshall but not everyone seems to agree with his plans so this could be interesting as we continue to find our stride. I think I will try and re-enforce either Adama or Hollin's World so that we can finally give the old Xeno scum a bloody nose. In other news Gub won the "Live to Win" Challenge and got 100 pts to spend on any one planet strike, which is pretty cool. One of these days I'm going to have to give the live to win challenge a try (Live to Win is a bonus contest that Orbital101 made up to allow extra participation and a way of getting more points). I'm all lined up to play Gub tonight and I have a feeling a well dressed ork is going to get spanked!

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