Friday, November 19, 2010

Haemonculus Ancient

I had a bit of time off during the week this week so I figured I would get some more work done on the Dark Eldar army. I was originally going to work on the 20 man warrior squad that I have then I read about an Online Painting Competition for Dark Eldar and the grand prize is about 500pts worth of Dark Eldar figures. I also had to include some "Work in Progress" pictures so I figured I would share those as well. Here are the work in progress pics of the Haemonculus.

Here is the finished product. I did some slight conversions on this guy like replacing that ugly sword he had with the Husk Blade from the Archon kit. I plan on running this guy with a Soul Cube (doubles his str when he kills an IC or MC), Husk Blade (causes instant death) and a Shattershard (one shot flamer, everything touched but it takes a toughness test or is removed from play). Combine this with a Grotesque unit and you have a seriously killy, fairly different deathstar unit. Can't wait to see the Grotesque models lol.


Thomas said...

Looking good man, I've yet to play against the new DE but they look pretty mean :P Love the paint scheme your going with, excited to see a full army.

Ghoulio said...

I havent had a chance to play with it yet either. Although, now that the Ravagers have come out I finally have enough stuff to play a 1250pts game, so hopefully next week I will be able to get a game in. I am really looking forward to playing a new army though as I think I am finally done with the Nids. The book combined with the FAQ have pretty much ruined the army for me lol. If you ever want a game let me know :)

keith said...

Great job! Great use of an old sculpt... I just realized the Dark Eldar actually have a bits range now!