Sunday, November 28, 2010

Painting Contest...

Hey all, just a super quick shout out to a painting competition that I entered on last Monday over at Spikey Bits.

You guys should check it out as there are some really good entries including my Haemonculus :) (Mike Davy). If you guys do go check it out if you could throw a vote or two my way that would be mucho appreciated as I am in a complete dog fight for top place. One nice thing about the competition is there are about 4 entries that would have no problem winning, one of which only has 5 votes which is a shame since if his picture was actually in focus he would probably be winning the competition (a fellow named Ron Gamble). The competition ends on Wednesday so check it out before it is over.

Later this week I am going to have some pics of my first 10 man Warrior squad and I am going to be doing at the very minimum part 1 of a painting tutorial on how to paint Dark Eldar the ghoulio way. I am also planning on doing a speed painting article/tutorial using some orks that I have been working on. Originally I was going to put the same amount of effort into the Ork Army as I did with my Tyranids then after painting 8 of them I realized I have about 120 more to go I thought to myself "Ef That!". The test models I finished do look surprising good considering 6 models took me only an hour and a half.


Big_Willie said...

Go and vote for Ghoulio (aka Mike Davy) at the link in the article he's second in the voting!

Mike, I linked the word Spikey Bits instead of having to cut the link into your browser.

Ghoulio said...

Thanks! It's pretty much a moot point now though as the one guy seems to have doubled me in votes since posting this. Ah well, not much you can do. Thanks to all that voted anyways :)