Thursday, November 4, 2010

Wet Palette

A friend of mine post a picture and quick instructions on how to make a wet palette so I decided to give it a try (thanks JO). I can not over state how cool this completely inexpensive tool is and how I will never again not use one. You will need several house hold items to make this and it will likely not cost you anything but a little time.

Items required:
1 x Tupperware (or something similar)
Paper towel
Parchment paper
Pencil (something to trace the shape of your contain with)
Scissors (or other cutting tool)

Trace the shape of your container onto the Paper towel and Parchment paper
Cut several sheets of paper towel and the Parchment paper
Place the Paper towel into the container then wet it (about 3 - 5 mm of water, you want it so the paper towel is wet all the way through but not dripping water)
Place the Parchment paper on top of the Paper towel
Your done!

This is what mine looked like.
I started using this after I had built it and the paint you can see is still as wet and as fresh as the day I took it out (over 48hrs after I put it on the palette) I literally only had to take about 2 or 3 drops from the paint pot before I closed it and didn't need to use it again (bye bye wasted paint clumps on your painting table)!
I figure this is going to open a whole new range of potential painting options for blending colours. I also could believe how easy it was to paint. Normally the paint will start to dry out and that causes the brush to stick at times or for you to get less than ideal coverage, these are problems of the past with this bad boy. I will post some of my touched up and redone Space Wolves once they are complete. Try it out for yourself and see the difference it makes.

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The Muffin Man said...

i know man, ones you start to use a wet pallet there is no going back. its the shit if you ask me.

the way that i have made my wet pallet is that i took a icecream lid and put in some toiletpapper, and then some baking papper to mix my colors.

muffin ^^