Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Warmachine Starter Sets Part 1 of 4 - Khador!

I haven't really posted a whole lot recently just due to work and the fact that the family has been constantly sick for 2 straight months. I have been very busy though and just plowing through a bunch of projects. This post is the first of a 4 part series that my friend Matt and I started. We really wanted to get into Warmachine as well as get some of our friends into it so we decided to buy both the Warmachine Starter set and the Hordes starter set. The agreement was that Matt buys them and I painted them up for our gaming group.

As they were just going to be starter sets to get people into the game they didnt need to be top notch so I decided to try my hand at speed painting. I did one layer of high lighting and shading for everything except the gold and axes to give it a bit more punch. Considering the speed at which I painted them and what they are going to be used for I am super happy with how they turned out.

I currently have the Khador and Menoth 100% finished (Menoth will be posted next) and I am already making some great headway on the Hordes starter sets (Legion and Circle).

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greedo said...

really nice stuff as always. Thanks for not showing your Protectorate stuff just yet to embarras my attempts :)