Tuesday, May 21, 2013


So I finally got off my ass and started painting some more Tyranids as they are incredibly close to being 100% finished (just 19 Gargoyles, 12 Termagants and 6 Ymgarls). Pleased to see that from such a huge break I still have the scheme down pretty well.

After looking at how these guys were turning out I noticed they looked EXACTLY like my original Broodlord which I thought was super cool. The nice thing is I can use them as a tooled up Stealer squad being led by him and use my standard stealers as more of a horde genestealer squad. Here is a quick shot of him with the new Ymgarls:


Anonymous said...

Great job. What colours do you use on the carapace?

Ghoulio said...

The colours I used on the Carapace are:

- Basecoat of Black
- I "feathered" Leviathan Purple following the contours of each section I was painting (ie "streaking")
- I did about 3 levels more of feathering just adding white to Leviathan purple.

Really handy thing about this colour scheme though is that GW no longer makes any of the colours I use so I wont be able to paint up much more lol. On a plus note I am sitting at roughly 5000pts painted so its not a big deal.

Anonymous said...

Thanks man! I appreciate it.