Monday, May 27, 2013

Warmachine Starter Sets Part 3 of 4 - Circle Orboros!

Part 3 of 4 is no officially complete. After painting the two Warmachine starter sets I have to say painting the Hordes starter sets is like a breath of fresh air. The models are noticeably better figs across the board. Other then the Warpborn Skinwalkers (the unit of werewolves in the first pic) they don't have the ludicrous amount of terrible, nonsense detail that a lot of the Warmachine factions have *cough* Menoth *cough*. I genuinely enjoyed painting this starter set I have to say. It was fun using a lot of washes to help blend/knock down the colours on things basically doing a throw back to how I painted about 15 years ago.

Next Up: The last force of the 4 Warmachine Starter Sets...The Legion of Everblight!

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