Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Mountain King WIP...Torso Pt 2

Just a quick update. The stone work is pretty much done. I mostly dry brushed the darkest brown colours, then went back over with some dark brown wash into the recesses and then did up all the edge high lighting. I also did the initial work on the rusted metal for the chains and his collar.

I completed the upper body and attached it to the legs. Now just the head, building the base and then painting all the small details like the chains and extra whelps. Sadly due to how shitty Privateer Press' instructions are I think the hardest part is just going to figuring out where everything goes lol. Here are some super blurry pics of the model put together.

Next Up: More work on the Mountain King. He WILL be completed by the end of this weekend, even if it kills me.

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