Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Wraithknight WIP...

So, I actually started working on this guy before I started the Mountain King, but naturally got derailed with the big tubby bastard. I am going to bounce between the two though as I really like both kits.

The big focus on the Wraithknight is to update my Eldar's paint scheme to something that matches where I am today as I started this army around 10-12 years ago. All the paints I used to paint the army no longer exist and the original style of the army is 100% outdated. So the first main change is almost no more inks. My original scheme I inked everything with the old GW inks mixing them with future floor wax which was a way to knock the grey down to make it look more black and do ultra dark shading on the white. With the Wraithknight I am just going to start everything at a darker colour then highlight my way up then do a bit of "clean up" shading here and there to get the clean lines and proper contrast.

I have only been working on the left leg just to nail down the new painting style before I move onto the rest of the model. So far I am really happy with the results and I think it will look really good once it's clean up and finished. The white is working way better then I was inking it even though its not finished as it needs the last layer of pure white.  One thing you will notice is that there is no definition on "gems" on the feet. The reason for that is I am just speeding up that part of the painting process as I am just going to paint them black anyways so there is no point shading them. Another thing you will notice is that there is a slight departure from how I was doing the Wraithlord in regards to all the gems, i.e. I painted ALL of them lol. The reason for that is I have seen pics of completed Wraithknights where the painter in question has actually painted all possible gems on this model red and the overall effect is that he looks like he has chicken pox or something. So, with that in mind I am going to be way more selective on how I paint mine as I want them to give some visual interest being some of the only things that arent black or white.

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