Sunday, January 31, 2010

Finally the Imperium Strikes Back!

This was the first week that the Imperium actually took a planet back from the Xeno filth that have been rampaging across the Locara sector almost unchecked. We went to HERA and spanked The Red One Eye off it. Of course while we did that there were some big changes in how Planet Strikes are going to be done (they will happen the same turn as you arrive in a subsector vs waiting a week) also movement in the system got way more expensive, so we will have to think about moves before we execute them. I've also won a 3rd LIVE to Win challenge (which are great fun to try and grab and the bonuses rock!) and have been retired from the contest to allow more players the chance to win. The Xeno's have set up the potential for a Planet Strike on HERSADED but I'm not sure that they are going to be going through with it given that the Imperial Fleet was extremely close and moving back into the sector that they would be trying to attack. I'm very interested in seeing this week's map and to start planning our next major offensive.

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