Saturday, January 23, 2010

Setting up the Dominos!

So after the Imperial Side learned the error of it's ways we have set up the worlds of the Locara Sector to fall like Dominos! Ok not so much but it sounds better that way. We underestimated the Xeno's desire to hold onto Adama and they were able to surge forward and protect it. Also this week the Royal Falcon moved into Samiel and destroyed the Imperial Space Station called the "Daughter of Venus". I was sad to see her go but she served her purpose allowing us Imperials to pull our heads out of our collective rear ends and get into the game. It looks like we will be able to attack and take at least one other planet in the sector this coming week, but we have a real problem of the Xeno's having way more pts than us. There is talk of changing the rules for people moving around the map. I guess we can get from one spot to another way to quickly and that is making it possible for people to fly all over and not think about what they want to do before doing it. There is also talk about allowing Planet Strikes to happen the turn that someone arrives in a Planets location. I'm a big fan of this as it allows the attacker to have the inituative vs announcing to everyone that he's going to attack there and then letting the defending has a bunch of buddies move to help defend. I'm very interested to see what happens this week and if the Imperials have finally gotten a planet from a strike action.

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