Sunday, January 10, 2010

Hand me the lube! 3 up, 3 down!

So....that didn't go as planned....We had 3 armies move lead the way on Planet Strike actions against the Xeno filth and the dirty cowards were able to stop us. Not since Istevaan V has there been such a drop zone massacre. Luckily for us we are the Imperium of Man and the one thing we have lots of is men. So the War Master is back in his planning chambers coming up with what we are going to do given this less than ideal outing. On another note I was able to do two really cool things this week. My Wife (Mrs Big_Willie) played Space Hulk for the first time and enjoyed it (could have been the wine) she spanked me a couple times but let us play enough games so I could earn pts for the campaign. Also, I played Gub in some boarding actions. He changed his list and brought some serious Battlewagon's to play. They did very well and he took me out, then I challenged his manhood saying that he couldn't play another game in an hr so it was a big rush to get another game in before closing time. This time I came out on top so we ended up splitting the games. In another interesting note Gub was voted into power as the Drachon for the Xenos faction and I was voted in as the Inqusitior. Now when he and I play games they are worth a whole lot more pts and we both have some special rules that we can use to help or sides. So we may have a blood nose but the fight is far from over!

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Gub said...

You're always talking about me. I feel like the prettiest girl at the ball.