Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Death Leaper!

With the New Tyranid codex less then 4 days I decided it was time to paint one of my fav models of the current range, the Death Leaper. From what I have read from the rumors for this guy he is supposed to be the ultimate terror weapon to use against your foe. I really enjoyed painting this guy as there are a lot of little differences between him and the lictor. I have gotten back into full swing painting mode as I have also finished a unit of 8 genestealers and have started on my next 3 Tyranid warriors. All my current projects are going on hold though after the 16th of Jan as I will be building the terror from the deep....the mighty Mawloch!


Anonymous said...

Lookin' good. Since this model was released, I've vastly prefered it to the generic Lictor.

Is that his standard tail? It almost looks out of place.

Ghoulio said...

Yeah, the tail on this model is super strange. Sadly it is the one that comes with the model, and if you look at it on the GW website it is just as out of place on this. I actually wish I had the regular lictor body for this guy...but what can you do?